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How long is it?

GFNY 100 is 101 miles/162 km long.
GFNY BEAR 50 is 50 miles/80 km long and includes return transportation by bus to Fort Lee, NJ.

How much climbing does it have?

GFNY 100 has 8,000 feet/2,500m of climbing.
GFNY BEAR 50 has 3,000 feet/900m of climbing.
Read everything on THE COURSE.

What’s the schedule at a glance?

Friday May 18 11am to 7pm and Saturday May 20, 2017, 11am to 6pm:

Expo and mandatory packet pickup at NYC BIKE EXPO. Last entry 15 minutes before doors close. Penn Plaza Pavilion, across from Penn Station and MSG at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue (401 Seventh Avenue)

Sunday May 20:

  • 5am opening of start area
  • 5.30am latest entry to designated corral
  • 6.15am closing of start area
  • 7am start
  • 12pm begin of festivities
  • 3pm award ceremonies and raffles
  • 5pm close of the course
  • 7pm end of festivities
What are the important dates and deadlines?

May 22, 2017: opening of registration
April 15, 2018: last chance to register for riders qualified for front corral (riders qualified at GFNY Costa Rica and GFNY Jerusalem: April 30)
May 14, 2018 or when event is sold out: closing of online registration
May 16, 2018: recommended date to arrive in NYC
May 18, 2018: latest recommended date to arrive in NYC
May 18/19, 2018: on site registration unless event is sold out
May 20, 2018: Race Day
May 21, 2018: earliest recommended date to leave NYC


What is the entry fee for 2018?
  • $199 for the first 500 entries
  • $209 for the next 500 entries
  • $219 until May 31
  • $229 until June 31
  • $239 until July 31
  • $249 until August 31
  • $259 until September 30
  • $269 until October 31
  • $279 until November 30
  • $289 until December 31
  • $299 until January 31
  • $309 until February 28
  • $319 until March 31
  • $329 until April 30
  • $339 until May 14
  • $360 at the expo

There is no event day registration.

The 100 mile GFNY is capped at 5,000 riders. The 50 mile GFNY BEAR is capped at 1,000 riders. Both are expected to sell out.

Why is the entry fee for GFNY BEAR 50 the same as for the 100 mile GFNY?

Any savings made at the nutrition stops on the return route of the Gran Fondo will be consumed by the cost for transporting GFNY BEAR 50 riders and bikes back to the start.

What is included with the entry?

GFNY full zip cycling jersey Designed in New York and Made in Italy, various GFNY goodies, course marking, aid stations, chip timing, post ride food and drink, competition and raffle prizes, bike valet service at the finish and much, much more.

GFNY BEAR 50 riders receive complementary return transport by bus (your bike travels in an accompanying truck).

I already registered for the 100 mile GFNY, but I’d like to participate in the 50 mile GFNY BEAR. Is that possible?

You can transfer your Gran Fondo registration to a GFNY BEAR 50 registration at no extra cost until April 15. Please email Teresa at to request a distance change.

If I register for the 50 mile GFNY BEAR 50 now, can I later switch to participate in the 100 mile GFNY?

You can transfer your GFNY BEAR 50 registration to a GFNY 100 registration at no extra cost until April 15. Please email Teresa at to request a distance change.

Do I have to qualify to take part at GFNY?

No. But you have to register for the race soon. We have received more registrations than ever and are on track to have a sold out field.

So what's the qualification for?

If you finish in the top 20% of your age group at the previous GFNY World Championship NYC, in the top 20% of a Regional Championship or in the top 10% any GFNY event since, you get to start in the front corral. Check the list of qualifiers.

Do I need to be a licensed racer? I just want to ride the event as a personal challenge.

GFNY is open to all fitness levels. You don’t need to be a licensed racer. Some riders will compete for prizes, others will do their best to beat the cut-off. GFNY is about doing your best whether it is competing for the win, trying for a top 10% in your age group or beating the cut-off.

So is this a race only for racers?

No, not at all. GFNY is open to all fitness levels. Some will compete for prizes, others will do their best to beat the cut-off. A GFNY is about doing your best whether it is competing for prizes or beating the cut-off.

Is GFNY BEAR 50 a race?

No, GFNY BEAR 50 is a non-competitive ride. You receive a timing chip and are timed from start until the top of Bear Mountain. You get your total time, listed in alphabetical order. If you want to race, please register for the 100 mile GFNY

Is there a minimum age for participants?

Riders must be 18 or older to participate.

Where and how do I register?

Our registration partner is Eventbrite. They make registration a fast and simple process. Click on this link:

I can’t start. Can I get a refund or do a transfer to another rider?

There are no refunds, transfers or deferrals.


What type of bike can I ride for the event?

We suggest to use a road bike as it is the best option to ride in groups. Its light weight makes climbing easier.

You can also ride a mountain bike, touring bike or single speed (with two brakes).

Triathlon bikes, time trial bikes, tandems, recumbent bikes, trailers and bike seats are not allowed for safety reasons.

Is it timed?

Yes, every rider will receive his/her start to finish time.

What are the categories?

Each award winner will receive a special jersey as an award. Overall winners are not eligible for the age group category.Top three in each category are eligible for prizes from event sponsors.

  • Overall (top 3)
  • 18-39 (top 3)
  • 40-44 (top 3)
  • 45-49 (top 3)
  • 50-54 (top 3)
  • 55-59 (top 3)
  • 60-64 (top 3)
  • 65-69 (top 3)
  • 65+ (top 3)
  • 70-74 (top 3)
  • 75+ (top 3)
  • Under 90 Combined Age Him and Her*
  • 90+ Combined Age Him and Her*
  • Cycling Team (best four riders)

*Both members of a Him+Her Team must finish together (time difference not more than 30 seconds) to be eligible. Pushing is allowed.

GFNY BEAR 50 has no categories.

What are the prizes?

There will be various product prizes from our sponsors for GFNY 100 top finishers. Prizes include racing bikes for the winners, racing wheels and much, much more. Check our website and Facebook page for latest updates.

Before the Race

Where can I find comprehensive travel information?

You can find the GFNY Travel Guide here (it's a pdf).

Where do I stay overnight?

You can find information on our partner hotels here. GFNY has secured room blocks at the below hotels for GFNY participants. When booking at these hotels, you are guaranteed the rate, guaranteed that there will be other cyclists staying at that hotel, and guaranteed that you can store your bike in your private hotel room instead of keeping it in the hotel’s general storage room.

May is a peak tourism time in NYC. Hotel rooms will be sold out. Reserve your hotel as early as possible. Rooms are likely to be filled (there are two large conventions in NYC on race weekend) and the rooms are booking at premium prices. For lower rates, check hotels outside of NYC.

Where do I pick up my start number, jersey, chip and goodie bag (‘pacco gara’)?

Packet pick up will be held at the NYC Bike Expo Friday 11-7pm and Saturday 11am-6pm. Last entry 15 minutes before doors close.

Busiest time: both days from 11am to 1pm.

Penn Plaza Pavilion, across from Penn Station and MSG at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue (401 Seventh Avenue).

A wristband printed with your race number will be affixed to your wrist at check-in. This band will identify you as an official participant and must be worn during race weekend. The wristband is required for medical identification purposes and allows you access to start, aid stations and post-race festivities. You will not be allowed to remove your bicycle and/or gear from the transition area following the race without your wristband affixed to your wrist. Please do not remove your wristband until after the awards banquet or you will be denied entry.

Can I pick up my packet on the morning of the event?

No. Pick up is only possible on Friday or Saturday. No exceptions.

Can someone else pick up the packet for me?

For security reasons, every participant has to be present at packet pickup on Friday or Saturday. Also, we want to ensure that the jersey fits the rider.

Is there an expo where I can see new cycling products?

There will be a large expo in midtown Manhattan where you pick up your packet. Event sponsors will be present to showcase their latest products.


What do I have to wear?

The official GFNY New York jersey is mandatory (included in the entry fee) as is the wristband provided at registration. Helmets with buckled chin straps must be worn at all times. Also, Keep your wristband on for post event festivities.
Headphones of any kind are not allowed.

Where do I park?

Please check the GFNY LOGISTICS GUIDE for details. It's a pdf.

Can I use public transport to get to the start?

Yes, NYC Subways allow bikes. However, if you take the subway to the start, we strongly suggest to use a very early train as space is limited. A great option is to simply ride your bike to the start if you are in Manhattan.

Are there shuttle busses to the start?

There are no shuttle busses provided by GFNY. You can use NYC subways or ride your bike to/from the staging area. You can also drive, although parking will be limited.

Do you provide bag drop?

Yes, you can check in one clear plastic bag that will provided to you at the expo. No other items are allowed. No bags allowed inside the provided plastic bag. Don’t leave any valuables in the bag as GFNY is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. The bags will be picked up at the start and returned at the finish line.

Does GFNY start if it’s raining?

Yes, rain or shine unless the event is cancelled by the authorities due to e.g. a severe storm.

How do riders line up at the start?

First, it's GFNY qualifiers. If there is any space left, licensed racers (actively racing Elite Cat1-3 or Master Cat1 or Women Cat1 or equivalent and higher ranked).

After that, riders will be grouped by age group (young to old).

To allow as little interference as possible, we encourage beginner and slower riders to line up at the back of the start. With this you will be able to ride your own pace unobstructed.

When does GFNY BEAR 50 start?

GFNY BEAR starts at 7am, along with GFNY 100. Registered participants for GFNY BEAR 50 line up in a corral behind the participants of the 100-mile GFNY.

I’m riding the event with my friends. Can we all line up together in the same corral?

The corrals are divided by age groups. If your friends are in your age group, you will be in the same starting corral. However, if you are different ages, you can still start the event together. If you are allocated to different start corrals, the person with the lower bib number can move to a corral further back, the person with the higher bib number cannot move forward.

During the Race

How many aid stations does GFNY have and what do they provide?

There will be five aid stations (three for GFNY Bear) spread out along the course with solid food and fluids as well as at the finish.

Please note that there will be no food or water at the start available. Make sure your bottles are filled and carry a snack that keeps you going for the first part of the ride.

Are the roads closed for traffic?

Some but not all roads will be closed for traffic. At all times, however, riders have to obey to traffic laws and ride on the right hand side of the street. Riders have to follow the instructions of police officers and volunteers to avoid disqualification.

How fast do I have to ride?

GFNY is about riding a tough course as quickly as possible according to the rider’s fitness. The cut-off for completing the distance is 5pm which means you have 10 hours for the ride. This equals to approximately 10mph including all nutrition stops. A broom wagon will trail the course at 10mph. Stragglers who get passed by the car can either get a ride or will be riding outside the event. Riding outside the event means that support - signs, course control, aid stations, mechanics, medical - will no longer be available.

Will there be restrooms at the start/finish and on the course?

Yes, start/finish area as well as aid stations are equipped with porta potties. At the start, the porta potties are situated on the bridge ramp just before you enter the corrals. Once in the corrals, there are no more porta potties for logistical reasons.

If I have a mechanical issue on the course, what do I do?

We highly encourage all participants to know basic safety and repair skills, including in particular fixing a flat tire. Be prepared and bring your own pump and extra tubes for your bike. Make sure you bring your bike to your local bike shop or one of our partner bike shops in the weeks leading up to the event.
However, if you are still unable to make the repair, course marshalls will accompany riders along all routes. Should you need assistance, just let one of the marshals know and, if a marshall is unable to assist you with the repair, a bus will take you to a rest stop where mechanical support may be available, or to the finish line. Please note that the wait for assistance and/or a ride to the nearest rest stop can be long and by waiting, you run the risk of not being allowed to finish the event. Visit your local bike shop to learn how to handle basic repair needs or ask an experienced riding buddy.

If I need medical service, what do I do?

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be on the course and on call. Police officers and bike mechanics will be traveling on the course on motorcycles and in cars. Police officers will be controlling traffic at intersections and volunteers will be guiding athletes for turns at intersections. Each of these people will be armed with the EMS contact numbers. If you need help, inform someone on the course and they will get help to you (or someone else) as quickly as possible and stay with you until help arrives. No matter at what point, help will always be close.

If I have a bad day and realize I won’t be able to finish, what do I do?

GFNY will have SAG (Support and Gear) vehicles along the course for any cyclists who are unable to complete the event.

Try to make it to the next or previous aid station, there you will have food, water, emergency medical services as well as volunteers to keep you company. If you are unable to ride to an aid station, there will be police officers controlling traffic at intersections as well as volunteers guiding athletes for turns at intersections, so ride forward or backwards until you see a police officer or volunteer and they will inform the SAG vehicle to pick you up. If you are unable to ride, move off the road and wait along the shoulder of the road until a marshall or police officer or mechanic rides by, they will be on the lookout for stopped cyclists. If you are riding and you see a cyclist on the side of the road who asks for help, when you get to the next police officer or volunteer, report that you saw a stopped cyclist and their approximate location.

I never rode in a large group before. What do I have to be concerned about?

Group riding is faster as you save about 30% energy in a draft. It takes a bit of skill to get used to riding closely behind someone else’s wheel. Ideally, you find a riding partner to practice. If you live in the NYC area, you can take advantage of our free training rides for registered participants and practice group riding.


Where is the finish?

GFNY 100 finishes in Fort Lee, NJ. The finish line is on Hudson Terrace by PIP Park where the Finish Festival will be held.

GFNY BEAR finishes on the top of Bear Mountain. Riders then descend 2 miles of Bear Mountain where they receive return transportation by bus. The finish festivities are together with GFNY 100 at PIP Park in Fort Lee, NJ.

How do my family and friends get to the finish?

A complementary, continuous shuttle bus service will be available for spectators between the finish in Fort Lee and the 175th Street subway station in NYC. Total travel time will be approx. 10-20 min., depending on traffic. Bikes can not be brought on the bus.

Parking information for Fort Lee, NJ can be found HERE.

When and where do I find the results?

We are announcing the winners at the awards ceremony at 3-4pm and the full results will be online on this site asap. Please take advantage of the live tracking to receive intermediate and final provisional results. A link will be posted on on race weekend.

Will there be food at the finish?

Yes, there will be food and drinks.

How do I get back from the GFNY BEAR 50 finish at the top of Bear Mountain to where I started?

After you descend 2 miles of Bear Mountain, there are buses and trucks to transfer you and your bike from the bottom of Bear Mountain, NY to Fort Lee, NJ. The finish festivities are together with GFNY 100 at PIP Park in Fort Lee, NJ.

How do I get back to my hotel from the finish?

If you booked a hotel in Fort Lee, NJ, ride back to the hotel. The finish is 1 mile from Fort Lee hotels.
If you booked a hotel in Manhattan, ride back across George Washington Bridge on the bike path. The nearest subway station is at 175th Street and Fort Washington Avenue just off the bridge. It's 1.5 miles from the finish to this station. The A train will take you back to mid- and downtown. Trains run every 10 minutes on Sundays. We will provide signage to guide you there.

If your question has not been answered with the above, please contact us at